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The thought of your own home customized to your living requirements is a dream come true for anyone. They are perfect in every way, at least to you. But having your own custom home is not about building and adding everything you want. The best part of building your own custom home is that you can get a house where you can live on easily till you get old. That’s right building a custom home to age in that has everything your heart desire is the perfect way to put it. Wouldn’t you want to live and grow old in the home you built?

That is quite a wonderful thing to realize, but realizing it requires one to truly understand how important the small decisions are in order to achieve such a residence. There are certain important factors that you need to consider if you want a home to age in. A home where you can age in or a structure that would help your ageing family member to live independently inside the house.


Placing The Bedrooms On The Ground Floor

The first thing you need to do is place the bedrooms in the right place around your home. With that, you can always have your master bedroom or other bedrooms for your ageing family member on the ground floor. That is of course if you have a two-storey house or an upper floor in the design.

That way you can have the children’s room on the upper floor while you can have other bedrooms down on the ground floor. This will help your ageing family member. Also, you can have your own room on the upper floor knowing that you can always move your room down.

One Floor Plan

Custom homes are designed to provide comfort to everyone inside the family.

When it comes to building your custom home and there are certain old people in your family, you need to improvise on the design of your home. Think of having a single floor plan design. After all, stairs and steps are not always the easiest place in your home, especially for the old guys.

You don’t need to fret, as the trend of building single storey custom homes quite popular and you can have your custom home builder Melbourne to help you with the home design and incorporating almost everything you wish to have in your home.

The Types Of Doors To Use

To most people these details are quite irrelevant, most want the most beautiful and luxurious doors around the house. Well, that is not something bad and that can be included within the idea of building a home to grow in. You just need to be a little considerate as to how you are going to make your house a home where you can easily age in.

Think about having larger entrances and doors, this will allow your old mother and father or grandparents to move around through rooms on wheelchairs and walkers quite easily. Then instead of installing doors with hinges, why not use sliding and pocket doors? They are very easy to navigate and provides support to the elderly.

Railings and Bars

Installing railings around the stairs allow the elderly to have some support while climbing up and also acts as a guard so one would not fall over from the side.

Similarly installing beautiful bars on the stairs, in the washrooms and even in rooms is a great option. You can install them whenever you want.

Walk-in Showers

One thing the elderly hate are the washrooms. Of course, when it is difficult for them to walk, bathrooms provide a slippery and hard surface. Never easy for older people. In that case walk-in showers and bath-tubs work great as a solution.

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