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4 Reasons As To How Investing In An Urban Company Clone App Is A Profitable Investment

The streets are desolate with only sparse movements. The lights have been out for an hour and a college student is failing in his math test. It is a problem and requires immediate solution. The answer? An App on your phone. From getting tutors for studying and finding a plumber to fix a leak, help is very accessible and easy thanks to the technological advancements that the 21st century has to offer. And in a situation like ours, when going out to get groceries requires sheer guts and Herculean bravery, people prefer staying indoors and letting others face a virus for them. Is it a little selfish? Probably. But hey, the world has to move on. And here lies your chance to change this hopeless situation for many by launching your business or taking your existing one to greater heights by investing in a Urban Company Clone App.

Let us enlighten you a little bit about why spending money in an application like this will take you to those ‘heights’ we talked about.

The Pandemic

Those two words are probably enough to understand why spending your money on this Urban Company Clone App is not a bad idea. With lockdown and physical distancing protocols in place, it is hard for people to leave their homes or get errands done. Be it running to the store to get a pizza or redesigning the kitchen floor, help is always welcome and what better way to get it than from professionals who are just a tap away. The Urban Company Clone app will come with features like Safety badge, Tracer App, Face mask verification and location based tracking to ensure that the service providers are safe and do not pose any threat to the customers. This way, users will get their work done from the safety of their homes from providers who are protected as well.

Quick solutions for immediate problems

When it comes to pleasing customers, the quicker the better. Be it moving boxes, planning an event or getting a car washed, everyone likes fast services and the easiest way to accomplish that is by an App!  As of 2020, the number of smartphone users have increased a gargantuan amount. India is estimated to reach over 760 million in 2021, with the number of smartphone users worldwide forecasted to exceed 3.8 billion users in 2021. Imagine how many people that is and how many unmet needs they might have! It is a gold mine in disguise and investing in an app like this will not be something you will regret.

Features of the App that are hard to resist.

Now that we’ve seen that customers will prefer fast service provided by professionals who follow all safety regulations, let’s look at some of the features of this App that will help the customers and service providers have an easy experience using it, making them coming back for more.

Separate Apps for users, service providers and the admin is integrated with extensive features like 

  • Easy Login
  • Viewing and Searching Services
  • Real time tracking 
  • Multiple payment options
  • Rating and feedback
  • Viewing requests
  • GPS navigation
  • Earning tracker
  • Customer support
  • Dashboard
  • Managing services, advertisements, revenue and providers
  • Viewing ratings and feedback.

With so many features and many more customizable ones, your application will be the talk of the town. With almost every service that anybody could want accounted for in the App, it will be the preferred one for users and service providers alike.

Easy ways to pocket that cash

Now that you have invested a reasonable sum of your finances in the Application (yes we’re assuming you’re going to), let’s look at how you will be getting that money back and more.

The Admin of the App can get a percentage of the fees charged by service provider as commission. Added to that, the App can host advertisements on the Urban Company Clone. With many other up and coming companies looking to get the word out on their services, your Clone App can provide the space for them to do so and make some extra money out of it. Also, there’s more. Service providers can pay you, the admin, for their profile to be highlighted as a premium provider as users are prone to opt for premium services. The customers are happy, the service provider is happy and you are too!

Our team here at INORU are expert App developers who regard customer satisfaction as a top priority. So get in touch with us (not literally, mind) and we will listen to your requirements and help make your vision for an On-demand services app come to life. 


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