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3 Ways Every Sellers Should Know Of Using The Amazon BSR Information

Amazon BSR or Best Sellers Rank is a rank awarded to the Amazon products depending on the orders of the product as compared to the other products in a similar category within a time period.

Amazon BSR is quite an important metric for Amazon Sellers. Understanding the Amazon BSR will make more excellent product choices and sell profitably.

Read on to find three amazing ways to use the Amazon BSR info.

3 Ways a Seller Can Use the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Info

Simple Product Research for the Newbies.

That’s a valuable method for uncovering successful products. While researching products for selling on Amazon, they need to be in demand, and best sellers rank is able to give this information. Keep in mind, lower rank means more sales are being made hence, you can make a shortlist of the products likely viable by viewing BSR. Generally, it is recommended to look for the products with a 2000 or lesser sales rank.

Competitor Research for the Experienced Sellers

All Amazon sellers should keep their eyes on competition! amazon Sellers Rank can assist to facilitate competitor monitoring. View similar products as yours and compare BSR. If the products of your computers have a better BSR as compared to your product, then you must consider tweaking the product listing and keywords to help in invigorating sales and eventually improving your BSR.

Best-selling products and their BSRs can be seen by looking at Amazon’s “Best Sellers Lists”.

Keep in mind that while viewing these bestsellers lists, you will see a few seasonal products too, depending on which time of the year it is – for instance, Christmas decorations, paddling pools and so on that can skew the results.

Estimate the Sales by Using the Amazon BSR

That’s a powerful BSR function and till now the most beneficial way of using the data.

Imagine predicting how often products get sold on Amazon? well, you can actually do it.

Let’s say that your product has a 1500 BSR. By totting up your sales, you will already know a BSR of 1500 indicates, for instance, around 700 transactions a month. Then look at the history of your BSR (this is the reason it is necessary to have abreast of it). Your BRS from a month earlier was, for instance, because the sales weren’t as much. Let’s say you got 500 sales only. Historically although the BSR at same time the last year 500 when you got 1600 sales.

By these details, you could work out if your rank was:

  • #2500 with 500 sales
  • #1500 with 700 sales
  • #500 with 1600 sales

Then the other products having an Amazon BSR same as these figures will most probably be making the sales of the same proportion.

Also, you must be some way since as mentioned, the rankings may fluctuate between the categories, and therefore these are the only estimates. Still, as the estimates, these are important details to use while tracking the competitors and researching new products.

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