3 Pro Tips That Calgary Engagement Photographers Should Follow

Engagement photos are not only fun snapshots but also the first mile markers in a couple’s planning journey. This fun, laid-back photo session shows the couple’s spark with each other. Being the photographer, you need to do your research so that the couple’s engagement photos are creative, entertaining, interesting, love-struck, and most-of-all, satisfying for the couple themselves.

But how to capture engagement photos skillfully? Here are a few tips that most Calgary engagement photographers follow. You can also consider these –

  1. Focus on the chemistry

Engagement photos are all about the love and affection that a couple shares. So, being a photographer, you need to focus on the chemistry of the couple while capturing photos. All couples share chemistry, whether they like to show it or not. But not all couples feel comfortable showing their love or getting intimate in public. In such cases, you need to make them feel comfortable before you so that you can capture the bond that they share.

If they feel hesitant to kiss or hug before you, then stage the right chemistry in their engagement photo session just by making them gazing at each other. A deep gaze not only makes a classic pose but also adds a soul to the pictures. So, follow this tip.

  1. Discuss the preferred poses with your clients

This is one of the most significant tips when it comes to making engagement sessions the best experience for your clients. Pre-consultation with the clients helps you to read the chemistry of your clients as a couple. Besides, you could understand what style or type of photos your clients are looking for. Moreover, your clients can connect with your photography style.

The discussion and meeting will be helpful to decide the setting and pros your client wants you to use in their engagement photography session. And based on that, you can plan everything.

  1. Don’t miss out on foundation poses

Irrespective of what type of couple your clients consider themselves, foundation poses are a must for romantic engagement photography session. These poses refer to a post facing in a specific direction. There are plenty of variations to add to the foundation poses. From both partners facing the camera together to looking at the ring at the same time, there are diverse ways to build upon various poses.

Based on the destination that the couple has chosen, you can ask them to move to different spots to use diverse interesting settings.

  1. Consider the “T” pose

One of the exciting poses, the “T” pose has its own kind of romantic feel to the photos. You can suggest this pose to your clients when capturing photos. All that they need to do is to stand with the shoulders perpendicular to the significant-other. The couple should be close and have arms around each other. It creates a loving pose as it allows couples to face each other at an angle whether they can look, hug or kiss each other easily.

Let them delve into each other’s presence so that you can capture the pose with the wide-angle lens.

Following these tips help you capture beautiful and stunning engagement photos. So, keep these tips in mind and to have a better idea follow our Calgary wedding photographer’s gallery. Get ready to capture good photos.

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