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14 Best Cars in Nepal Under 50 Lakhs

We have come up with a list of the top 14 cars in Nepal that are under 50 lakhs. The prices may vary depending on where you buy it from, what kind of model, color, etc.

These are simply rough estimations based on our experience and other online sources (we even asked some local car shop dealers). this is not written in stone so if you know something more up-to-date, let us know!

1. Suzuki Alto K10 VXR – Price: 1.8 to 2 Million

The popular choice for Nepali drivers who can’t afford anything higher than 30lakhs (and don’t want to end up like ‘that guy!)

Alto K10 VXR is probably the lightest, cheapest, and most fuel-efficient car in Nepal. It started out as a humble Alto 800 which somehow escalated to ~40lakhs+, but it has now been replaced by this. Despite being small, it’s surprisingly roomy inside with an airbag too! Needless to say, it’s one of the safest cars you can buy because of its size.

K10 is not particularly known for performance but since Alto was Audi A2’s competitor back then, saying that it lacks power would be unfair.

The 1-liter engine produces 58bhp which might sound too little for some people but isn’t bad either considering the price range. All said and done, if you want a cheap, fuel-efficient car with 50lakhs features packed in it, this is the one you should buy.

2. Maruti WagonR VXi – Price: 1.7 to 2 Million

Another popular choice for Nepali drivers who can’t afford anything higher than 30lakhs (and don’t want to end up like some ‘other guy’!)

Many people confuse it as the same car as Alto but that’s not true at all! You can tell them apart by checking out their headlamps which are different from each other.

Other than that there are no major differences between these two cars except for minor details like AC cooling, number of seats, etc. But what they lack on those points they make up in price which is somewhere around 1.5-1.8 by the time you read this article.

3. Tata Nano/Indica Vista – Price: 1 to 1.4 Million (Tata Indica Vista Xeta)

This car made history when it was released because it was the cheapest one ever made at that time! They even started selling them in the US and UK because of its cheap price tag but there were some issues like manufacturing problems etc.

Anyway, if someone’s looking for a super cheap car this one does look fancy because of its ‘euro style’ headlamps but exterior-wise, everything else about it is just too bad! Also, the interiors aren’t impressive either because of the unavailability of ACs and other luxury equipment at such a cheap price.

But, hey it’s still better than walking so if you can overcome all this and your pocket is capable of holding 1-1.4 million then go for it!

4. Tata Nano Twist – Price: 1 to 1.2 Million

Nano Twist looks very close to Indica Vista but there’s a twist in the story because it’s also the cheapest car with 4 cylinder engine under the 2lakhs mark (currently) in Nepal!

So if you want something like Alto K10 or WagonR but with more power and ACs too then this one might be what you’re looking for… But unfortunately same as all other Tata cars; interiors are not up to the mark which is disappointing for such a modern car.

5. Maruti Alto K10 LX – Price: 1.7 to 2 Million

Maruti has now come up with so many models of Alto K10 that it confuses people as to which one they should buy! The cheapest one we came across is this; the Alto K10 LX and what makes it different from other Altos is its headlamp design/covers, alloy-styled rims, and blue color interior (which looks quite cool!).

Other than that there’s nothing else too special about this one but shopping around you might find some great deals with prices ranging from 1.2-1.7 million… But most importantly it comes with ACs which most super cheap cars like Zest doesn’t.

6. Maruti Celerio – Price: 1 to 1.1 Million (O)

Maruti’s another entry into this list because it’s another popular car that people usually buy in Nepal for various reasons (if you can recall, we told you about 5 things every Nepali buyer considers before buying a car… This is 2nd thing).

When they came up with its face-lifted model; the Xeta, they also reduced the price of the previous version by quite a bit which made it one of the best deals in its range but still not as much as Nano Twist!

However, even after all these reductions it still costs around ~1 million OMR depending on dealer/offer which is much less than its nearest rivals like WagonR VXi and Celerio Xeta.

7. Tata Zest – Price: 1 to 1.2 Million (O)

If your pocket can hold a little more money then this one is another great choice (it’s also on our list of best cars under 4lakhs)! As we said earlier, Tata has plenty of new models which makes it hard for buyers to decide but if you think Alto K10 or Celerio looks too ‘simple’ then opt for this; the Zest!

It does look cool and comes with a variety of features including AC and some luxury bits and pieces on the inside… But, what holds us back from buying one is its exterior design because it looks like a car that costs way more than it actually does.

So try and get good discounts if you’re interested in buying one because we can’t justify paying 1-1.2 million for this even though Tata has done a pretty amazing job!

8. Maruti Alto 800 – Price: 85K (E) to 99K (O)

This is the cheapest hatchback you can buy in Nepal without going for any other alternative like Nano Twist, Zest etc… But what makes Alto different from those cars is its ‘class’ which many people consider as a benchmark for judging small cars nowadays because of their increasing sales every year worldwide.

We at TeamBHP have been looking closely into Alto 800 since its release and have been following all its stories/updates regarding price cuts and other changes… And what we think is that, since it’s such a popular car, lots of people buy it so its market value keeps on growing which makes it harder to get discounts unless you’re really good at bargaining.

There are currently 2 models available; 1 with manual transmission and another one with automatic transmission but we’d still recommend going for the former because there’s no point spending money on an auto gearbox when this one works just fine.

9. Maruti Suzuki WagonR – Price: 1 to 1.4 Million (O)

The WagonR has been the most popular hatchback not only in Nepal but also around the world as well. Its design is quite mature and sophisticated which is the reason why it’s most suited for families/beginners who are into hatchbacks instead of people looking for race cars like Celerio or Alto 800.

And since there’s no face-lifted version available in Nepal, you don’t have to worry about spending more money in the next few years by buying a new model… Although there are rumors that WagonR might be discontinued but only time will tell!

10. Maruti Suzuki Swift – Price: 1 to 1.5 Million (O)

Here’s the only sedan you can buy in Nepal under 1.5 million OMR! It’s a common thing that people usually avoid buying sedans because there are plenty of hatchbacks available in every price range… But if you’re someone who places comfort and luxury first then this is a perfect car for you!

Of course, it costs a bit more than a hatchback but it comes with a lot more equipment/features as well… And also, since its exterior dimensions are quite similar to other cars from Maruti’s stable like Dzire or Baleno, they often come together as a package which further cuts down the prices!

Sure, there are other cars like Figo Aspire (on which basis Swift is based) but they cost even more than Swift…

11. Maruti Suzuki Dzire – Price: 1 to 1.5 Million (O)

Another sedan from Maruti’s stable; this time it’s called ‘Dzire’. If you’re planning to buy a car under 1.5 million OMR then we’d say go for Dzire because its design looks much more classy and sophisticated compared to the one in Swift!

Well, there are plenty of people who love buying hatchbacks instead of sedans because they think that the later ones are too big while our opinion about them is quite different… All we can say is that, if you have enough money and don’t want to spend it on a hatchback just because you’re used to driving them, then we’d definitely recommend buying this one!

And for those people who think that sedans are too big and they won’t fit anywhere… Then go for Baleno or Swift which have similar dimensions as Dzire.

12. Honda Brio – Price: 1.2 Million (O)

One of the best cars in Nepal under 1.5 million OMR; Brio comes with a diesel engine available in both manual and automatic transmission options… Although its exterior design is quite unique it’s not highly appreciated due to its ‘boxy’ look which doesn’t exactly make it a sports car or something like that!

So try and avoid buying it if you’re looking for something that can be fast or can turn corners easily while driving on rough roads… Although its petrol engine is not bad at all we still think that diesel engine is better because of its torque figures which makes it more ‘sporty’ than the petrol option.

13. Hyundai Grand i10 – Price: 1 to 1.1 Million (O)

The Grand i10 was a great car during its early years and nothing much has changed until now except for a few cosmetic changes but there’s a huge problem with this car as well… Its exterior dimensions are quite similar to the previous model of Swift so they often come together as a package whenever Hyundai offers discounts/offers!

Also, Grand i10 is available in both Petrol and Diesel engine options but our recommendation will always be to go for diesel because it is more powerful than the petrol variant with identical exterior dimensions.

Since Grand i10 has been discontinued in most countries around the world so if you’re interested in buying one… Then there are chances that you might have to wait until the next few years when Hyundai might decide to bring its successor!

14. Maruti Suzuki Baleno – Price: 1.2 Million (O) 

Here it is; Maruti’s answer to globally acclaimed ‘Ford Aspire’! Like Dzire, this car too comes with a highly efficient diesel engine which makes it perfectly capable of taking on heavy traffic conditions of Nepal without any trouble whatsoever!

And like other cars in this price range, its exterior dimensions are almost identical to hatchbacks like Swift (and Dzire) which makes it a perfect replacement for those people who want to buy a sedan but don’t really like the idea of buying large cars!

And if you compare it with Grand i10 then we can guarantee that Baleno is more powerful and better looking too; although both of them share the same engines (1.3L VTVT Petrol & 1.3L VGT Diesel).

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