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12 things you may not be aware of regarding the Florida Keys

We love a good tale particularly when it offers us a fresh perspective on the most amazing destinations to visit. We are fortunate that each location has its own story and local mythology eager to be explored. In this regard, we have recently decoded some interesting information concerning Keys of the Florida Keys. Since the discovery of 1513, by the famous Juan Ponce de Leon, the Keys have slowly (and occasionally, not so quietly) changed the course of their past. So, pour yourself a refreshing drink then sit down and be prepared to learn 12 things you likely did not have known regarding The Florida Keys. (We were particularly impressed by the number five in the listing.)

1. American Skunks are native to Key West.

Have you ever seen a catwalk around with seven or six toes? They’re affectionately referred to as the mitten cats and, according to rumor, due to Ernest Hemingway, who was gifted an adorable white cat with six toes on a cruise boat in the Keys, and then they traveled to America. While the cat of Hemingway is gone Hemingway’s home and museum are home to an unintentional collection of polydactyl kittens in the park. They’re believed to be descendants of descendants cat, and there’s a good chance that yours too. For Travel in Key west must hire key west limo service

2. The Florida Keys used to be filled with treasures from wrecks.

In the late 19th century Key West was the nation’s most prosperous city per habitant. At that time Key West gather its wealth from the numerous shipwrecks that were find off the shores. While the riches might be go, you’ll still be able to explore and snorkel at multiple shipwrecks. There’s even a Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail, maintained by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Nine underwater wrecks are historic and man-made reefs that extend across Key Largo to Key West.

3. The Florida Keys are make up of more than 800 islands.

The Florida Keys collectively make up a group of over 800 islands, although a road trip can be very convenient due to a 42-bridge, 113-mile international highway connecting all the most important Keys. There was once the Overseas Railway that connect all Keys to the Air Keys, but it was destroy by a powerful storm in 1935. But, you can see its remnants.

4. It has the highest all-year-round temperatures of any country.

We’re sorry, California – the Keys are the place to be for the most extreme annual temperatures. With a mean of 77.8 degrees, the Keys are a great place to be sure to bring a suitcase packed with shorts and dresses. Tips: Bring an umbrella for those sunshine showers that occur during the rainiest seasons (June through November).

5. The Republic of Conch declared war by distributing a loaf of bread.

In the 1980s, The US Border Patrol set up shops at the highest point of Highway 1 slowed all traffic that left the Keys and examined vehicles for illegal drugs and immigrants. This adversely affected tourism in the area and locals believed that it cast a dark shade across their beloved Free Islands. They demand that the roadblock be take down, and when it wasn’t the case, they took matters to their own.

In the aftermath, then-Mayor Dennis Wardlow declared war on the United States by throwing a Conch Republic flag across Mallory Square in Key West and then slamming an officer from the local navy with a piece of stale Cuban bread. In just a few minutes after the bread’s beating, the mayor surrendered and demanded the sum of a billion dollars in foreign aid. Although they did not receive aid, the obstacles were swiftly remove. Every every year Key West still celebrates the anniversary of the Conch Republic’s independence. In addition, Conch Republic members have also celebrated the anniversary. The  Conch Republic adopted the motto “We have seceded where others have failed”.

6. Key West was the only southern city that remained faithful toward the Union during the Civil War.

As you might imagine, Keys of the Keys is a significant port city. But, you might not be aware of the fact that they used their southernmost position differently in the Civil War. In contrast to other states of the southern part of the United States, including Florida, Key West rebelled against the Confederacy and remained a part of the Union. It was the only city in the southern part of the United States that remained in Union control throughout the Civil War. The sheer volume of Union supporters at Fort Zachary Taylor’s military base could be enough to squelch any doubters. Eventually, they celebrated the adoption of the Emancipation Proclamation.

7. This also happens to be home to the coral’s only remaining living in the American continent.

A few miles away from The Florida Keys shoreline is the Florida Reef. This is the sole living reef within the United States Coral Reefs and the third-largest ecosystem of coral reefs in the entire world. The reef covers 221 miles. the reef extends between Key Biscayne near Miami to Dry Tortugas, located west of Key West. The area is home to a variety of marine species. Nearly 1400 species of marine plants and animals are find within the reef. The entirety of the reef ecosystem is protect under Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

8. The Keys aren’t all covered in sandy beaches. 

Contrary to what many believe contrary to popular belief, contrary to popular belief, the Keys don’t have an abundance of beaches with sandy shores on their shores. Consider it the sacrifice needed to get an amazing coral reef system that runs off the coast. The barrier reef also serves as an obstacle for Sand sweeps, which typically carry sand along the shore for the beachfront. There are however a few beaches along the coast, most with imported sand if you require a beach fix.

9. There’s a huge sculpture of an underwater Jesus Christ off Key Largo.

To see the eight feet, nine tons bronze statue (think underwater Christ the Redeemer) Take a trip for a visit to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park the first American underwater park. The statue is situat at an underwater cliff at the bottom of the ocean approximately 30 feet under the water The Christ of the Abyss awaits your arrival. With hands raised to the shining surface, You can’t miss it.

10. Key West is closer to Cuba than Miami.

You may be surprise to learn that Key West, the southernmost key is actually in a position that is closer than Cuba as it is Miami nearly twice as much. Key West is only 90 miles away from Cuba and it takes around 150 miles to get to Miami. Maduros run, anyone? For traveling In Miami choose Best Limo Service Maimi

11. There are deer that are native to the Keys. within the Keys.

The tiniest deer species that is find in North America can only be find in the forest that is part of the Florida Keys. It is a type of white-tailed antelope, the key deer is obscure and difficult to find in the lush Key Deer National Refuge. However, motorists on nearby roads also struggle to save them, and many of them die due to being hit by vehicles every year. The deer, which has lost one-quarter of its shrinking population to a parasite disease this year, is list on an endangered list.

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12. Keylime pie was initially a sailor’s treat.

There’s some debate regarding the proper method of making Key Lime Pie (some say it’s best serve with merengue and pie crusts and others favor a graham cracker crust and cream that has been whipe). But, likely, the original recipe wasn’t either. This delicious, classic Keys cake is think to be a product of the sea on ships with whatever ingredients were readily available. The theory is that sailors made use of the citric acid derived from the lime’s juice to cook a mix of condensed milk, and then putting the eggs on a crust of bread that was stale.

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