12 Things Women Really Want In A Relationship

Description: The definition of a healthy relationship differs from person to person. However, if you can keep your woman happy, then so remains the relationship. But, saying sorry is not the solution. Here are the 12 things that women want from you instead. 

woman kissing man's head
woman kissing man’s head

The foundations of a healthy relationship lie in understanding each other. However, it’s the most difficult thing to do because understanding is a time-consuming process that requires patience and interest. And thus, it is not very uncommon to see women unhappy with their partners and constantly complaining about them. Solution? Stop gambling with her; instead, treat her like she is the jackpot you’ve hit from the online slots. Try out the things that most women want from their boyfriends for a healthy relationship. Here is your guide to keep your babe happy.

#1 Communication

Communication in a healthy relationship is a must. Irrespective of what kind of a person your partner is, communication becomes the basic need. It is the route through which you start understanding your loved one. Even though observation is another critical mode of understanding, it leads to guesses. However, there is no alternative to sitting down to talk with your partner to discuss their likes and dislikes in you and the relationship. But that’s not all; besides building a healthy relationship, communication increases ease and comfort as well. And hence, no gifts or efforts can ever make up for the lack of communication in a bond. 

#2 Boundaries 

A common myth amongst partners is that relationships break boundaries, or the ideal ones don’t have them. It is actually the opposite, and it needs to be stated in words or actions early. Healthy relationship boundaries are rarely discussed because they cannot be presumed or planned until faced in a situation. However, when you face it, you should prioritize sitting down to discuss the issue, the reason, and finding a middle ground as a solution. 

#3 Approachability

One of the most important signs of a healthy relationship is approachability. How comfortable is your partner to talk to you in any situation? Most people demand trust and transparency from their loved ones, which are undoubtedly two major requirements of a healthy relationship. However, rarely do people work on their reactions when things are being said to them. Irrespective of the subject, your reaction will decide if your woman will be comfortable next time, to be honest with you. Sensitivity is the mantra to follow with women when listening.

#4 Respect

Women want respect, but there are two parts to the statement. While respect towards your babe is one part of it, respecting women, in general, is another part. It involves women you cross paths with, in your families, friends, and even your ex. Irrespective of your relationship, the way you look and talk about women is something that your girlfriend always notices. So be careful, and ensure that your words and behavior show her that you are a gentleman, not a pervert. Prove that you are someone who doesn’t objectify women and can handle rejections well if you want a healthy relationship.

man and woman hugging each other
man and woman hugging each other

#5 Space

Even though initially space is the last thing you think of in a romantic partnership, it is the secret ingredient of a happy healthy relationship. Understanding that your partner has a life of her own is a sign of maturity. It means that you need to control your nagging, over-possessiveness, and trust your lady love with her people and decisions instead. Space for modern women means liberation and hence becomes an equality factor.

#6 Intimacy

When you define a healthy relationship, the first thing that comes to your mind is intimacy. And why not? It is a major necessity. However, women tend to believe that men only want one thing from them, and if you don’t insist, they think you don’t love them anymore. The line is very thin, and hence instead of drawing it, find a balance and give her control. Besides physical intimacy, concentrate on building emotional intimacy as well for a healthy relationship. Create a space where she can speak to you about her needs, both on the bed and in mind. And if she is not speaking up, experiment with new things, and focus on satisfying her to avoid hitting mid-life crisis before time.

#7 Touch

Even though touch is a part of showing intimacy, knowing the importance of the right amount of touch and at the right time can help you build healthy relationship. It can mean understanding, support, love, or care besides the show of attraction and need. A comforting touch can speak more than words at times, and since women are all about sensitivity, your actions proving your observations can mean a lot to them.

#8 Keys To A Healthy Relationship: Measured Control

Control can be a controversial topic in a healthy relationship. While it goes against the beliefs of feminism, sometimes a measured amount of control is exactly what they need. Your partnership is important to them, and hence understanding when they are vulnerable is a part of your responsibility. Similarly, taking charge when they are emotionally not strong enough to make decisions or are confused about certain things means care to them. However, you cannot make it a habit because you won’t know when you are misusing it. Observation can help you understand a woman’s requirements and build a healthy relationship.

#9 Clarity

One thing that mature women appreciate in men is clarity. The feeling of being played is bad and causes toxicity, and since modern girls are cool with all types of relationships, they appreciate it when the man is vocal about it. It increases trust and forms the base of a healthy relationship. So, be clear if you want to marry her, remain in a live-in, or keep things casual.

#10 Softness

Women do not always want alpha males. They rather appreciate when the alpha males treat them gently in their weak moments. Even though it may sound wrong, think whether your reaction would be the same if she were your daughter. It makes you act more considerably and stops you from harming your loving and healthy relationship.

man hugging woman outdoors
man hugging woman outdoors

#11 Generosity

Generosity does not always mean in terms of money or finances. You should rather be careful in that question, especially if your woman is a feminist. However, generosity in a healthy relationship is required in space, forgiveness, care, and show of love. 

#12 Cherish

Most men make the mistake of keeping quiet about their relationship in public. Even though privacy makes sense, women sometimes need the assurance of love in public in a healthy relationship. It makes them feel important in your life and gives them clarity about your intentions. Instead of complimenting her, try telling your friends how she is so good at a particular thing. 

Conclusion: Pillars Of A Healthy Relationship

While you can see the list of key points above, the basis of everything mentioned above is equality and communication. Another very important factor that most relationship experts forget to suggest is consistency. If you are in a relationship, then ‘You have changed’ is a complaint you need to be careful of, because that is the beginning of disturbance in a bond. What, according to you, is the essence of a healthy relationship? 

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