11 Ways to Get Fast YouTube Views

This comprehensive guide explains how YouTube video providers may increase their views fast in 2022.

I’ll walk you through some concrete methods you can use so that:

  • More people should see your YouTube material.
  • Develop your subscription base.
  • Gain more visibility for relevant keywords.
  • Construct a strong YouTube community.

Do these outcomes match what you were hoping for? So let’s get started straight away. 11 ways to get fast YouTube Views .

1.Make Your Content More Engaging Using These Tips

Any successful YouTube channel must have interesting and high-quality content.

The average attention span of YouTube users is only eight seconds, according to a Microsoft study, down from 12 seconds.

YouTube is aware of this. Therefore, it depends on information about user experience like, the entire length of time viewers have spent watching your video is called the “watch time.”

Average views per viewer: The typical number of times a viewer sees one of your videos.

Retention of the audience, which comprises: Average view time: the number of minutes watched on average for each selected video and time period.

Average percentage viewed: the typical proportion of a video that viewers watch each time.

The percentage of thumbnail impressions that resulted in views is known as the click-through rate (CTR).

Metrics of engagement: comments, likes, and dislikes

to assist them in selecting the most interesting and worthwhile promotional content. Your material will be more engaging (and worth viewing!) the higher those stats are.

The goal of the YouTube algorithm is to keep users on the site. And according to studies, the algorithm will favour the channels that assist them in achieving that aim.

Put simply:

If YouTube recognises that your films can keep viewers interested and on the platform for longer, it will reward you with greater visibility.

You must do this by giving your audience a cause to stay watching the film from the very beginning.

There are many ways to make content that is captivating, therefore I’ll divide them into two categories for your convenience:

Technical: Your camera’s configuration.

Verbal: Your on-camera performance.

Let’s examine each of them separately.


Your films’ quality matters since it improves user experience and offers viewers a sense of credibility regarding your content.

Although the technical components of making movies can be scary, there are several straightforward things you can do to raise the calibre of your videos:

Investing in a quality microphone will improve your voice.

Choose the appropriate video format to improve the quality of your videos.

Create closed captions and subtitles for viewers with hearing or vision impairments.

your camera’s angles (eg. zoom in or out).


Once you have your technical specifications in order, you must also ensure that your on-camera presentation is captivating and compelling.

This is possible by:

Clearly stating the video’s purpose

making a “hook” for a video

Speculating on future topics (“In just a moment we’ll talk about [X], but first…”)

Making use of rhetorical tropes to maintain audience interest (“But wait, there’s more!

Cutaways to pertinent content (nobody wants to watch a talking head).

2.Narrow Down the Subject of Your Channel

There is an adage in marketing that says, “The money is in the niches.”

You need a distinct content niche if you want to increase your YouTube views and draw in a more focused audience (i.e., viewers who will watch your videos and subscribe to your channel).

Your videos won’t be viewed by anyone if you try to make them for everyone at once. The public wants a specialist, not a generalist!

You must identify the thread that runs across all of your videos. This informs your target audience of what to expect from the videos you publish.

For instance:

Do you aid others in resolving a particular issue?

Do you produce engaging videos focused on a certain subject?

or you have a target audience in mind when making your videos?

Because there is less competition in that market, the more specialised your topic is, the more interested people you’ll find who want or need your information!

For instance, if we further explore the topic of “baking,” we might discover:

Baking (a huge topic)

Baking vegan (a slightly smaller topic, but still lots of competition)

Vegan gluten-free baking (a more targeted niche)

Vegan gluten-free baking for fitness and wellness (a really targeted niche)

3.Include “Pattern Interrupts” to keep viewers interested longer.

When viewers watch your films all the way through, YouTube likes it. They place a lot of emphasis on “audience retention,” as you’ll see in technique 12.

If you can keep a significant portion of your audience engaged, they will favour your films over others and direct more traffic your way.

Better yet:

Get fast YouTube views, not everyone has to view them all. Simply strive to have at least 50% of your audience watch your entire video!

The YouTube algorithm may prefer your material and recommend it for more search results or on a subscriber’s “Home” feed if you can accomplish this, according to research.

Utilizing Pattern Interrupts, as they are known among YouTubers, is one of the best strategies to raise the percentage of your videos that your audience sees.

Pattern interrupts are brief, unanticipated pauses or changes in your video that require the audience to refocus on it.

4.Find relevant keywords for YouTube SEO

The most popular video search engine in the world is YouTube. Google for video content, essentially!

Make sure your videos are optimised to appear for the precise terms people are searching for if you want to increase the number of views they receive on YouTube.

Why do you do this?

by performing a keyword search.

Users enter words or phrases into search engines as keywords. Consider these examples:

Tie a tie properly

reviews of espresso machines

Recipes for fluffy pancakes

When you tag, describe, and label your videos, you must use the most pertinent keywords for your material. This informs YouTube’s search algorithm about the subject matter of your videos!

Understanding the issue that your video is attempting to solve is the first step in conducting keyword research. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience.

You can use a variety of tools to find out what keywords your potential audience will look for. YouTube itself is the first.

5.Perform Keyword Analysis For Google SEO

Optimizing for Google is another strategy to increase your YouTube views. Yes, it is what you read.

Google’s video carousel appears for 67% of desktop searches and 54% of mobile searches, according to searchmetrics. Over 90% of those searches are for videos, and Youtube is the market leader!

That implies that Google is actively attempting to direct individuals who are looking for films like yours toward you.

Better yet…

Without exerting too much more work, you can improve your chances of ranking.

You can utilise Google’s search box to discover which suggested keywords will help you rank, much like in the section on keyword research for YouTube SEO.

Make sure your list of Google keywords and the YouTube list overlap.

In this situation, popular searches on Google and YouTube include “how to cook pancakes” and “how to make fluffy pancakes.”

You can then check which keyword variation gets a lot of interest using Google’s handy open-source open source search trends tool.

The results of a YouTube search can also be used to filter the search trends:

As you can see, the most often searched terms are “how to cook pancakes” and “pancake recipe.” But there is a lot of competition for these keywords. They are therefore more difficult to rank for.

6.Make engaging, keyword-driven video titles

It’s time to put your keywords to work now that you have them! When someone finds one of your movies, the first text they will see is the title.

Therefore, you must make sure that your headlines are pertinent to the queries made by your target audience

precisely describe the content of the video

include the search term you’re attempting to rank for

are concise and pleasant.

contain no clickbait

to increase their chances of ranking.

For this reason, we advise choosing long-tail keywords with a respectable volume of searches but lesser competition.

Keep your titles within 50 characters because, according to research, lengthier titles can underperform when it comes to ranking on YouTube.

7.Increase Clickthrough Rates With Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Custom thumbnails might boost your search result click-through rates (CTR).

This is crucial because YouTube will consider your video more pertinent to the search query the more people who click on it.

Creating unique thumbnails is advised over simply taking a picture from your video. Thus, you can:

Include an image that demonstrates visually how your page responds to the searcher’s query. In most cases, using something, someone, or both is a smart idea.

Use keywords to emphasise the message or to further clarify the video’s topic.

Use a colour scheme that is uniform throughout your channel to make it easier for viewers to distinguish your films from other YouTube content. The viewers are also drawn in by colour combinations. On the colour wheel, you can employ contrasting or complementary colours. Your videos will be easier to distinguish against YouTube’s neutral background thanks to this.

8.Look For Possibilities To Increase Your CTR In relation to click-through rates:


You may make even greater use of our pictures and titles by using TubeBuddy’s premium “Click Magnet” service.

It will give suggestions for adjustments you may make to your titles and thumbnails to help you get more attention and increase your CTR.

9. Improve Your Video Descriptions For Better SEO And More Views Video descriptions are crucial.


They’re the ideal spot to incorporate the keyword variations you discovered earlier to boost your YouTube SEO.

In order to keep viewers on your channel and make watching videos more interesting and educational, you may also provide links and other pertinent information.

10.Incorporate Timestamps To Give Viewers The Information They Need

If there’s one thing we can say for sure about internet users, it’s this:

They demand quick responses to their questions.

Because you have to watch a video until the presenter gets to the part you want to know about, it might be challenging to get quick answers. (A blog article allows you to jump around.)

If viewers continually clicking away before seeing the main content of the video, this might have a disastrous effect on those crucial watch-time stats!

However, there is a way to draw more attention and improve those crucial indicators. Simply adding timestamps to your videos is all that’s required!

11.Use Keywords in YouTube Tags

Use Keywords in YouTube Tagsto Ensure Full YouTube SEO Keywords used wisely in YouTube tags will help your videos rank better. Tags are elaborative keywords you can add to your video to help users find your material if you haven’t done so already. While tags are helpful if the content of your video is frequently misspelt, your movies’ thumbnails, titles, and descriptions are more crucial for increasing its discoverability.

The easiest strategy to choose your tags is to look at a well-liked video in your field and incorporate its keywords into your tags.

To find out what tags videos include, you can utilise programmes like TubeBuddy or VidIQ. In this illustration, TubeBuddy is used.

This video includes a good balance of tags that define the content more precisely, like “how to prepare quick pancakes,” and tags that are more general, like “cooking.”

The better, more evocative, and more pertinent to the subject of your video. Instead of using single words, try using sentences!


The procedure suggested above is certain to be effective. Try it if you want to quickly increase your YouTube views; if neither of those ways work, hire a company that promotes videos on YouTube. You don’t need to worry about the YouTube promotion cost because there are numerous businesses that offer their services at a low cost so take their services and get fast YouTube views.

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