If you want to know the secret of a good father, this is what a child needs most.Here are the 10 tips to be a good father.

Give your children time.

Tell me what you spend your time on and I’ll tell you what you like. Make a program of games, excursions, meals, Simple But Powerful Things Every Great Dad Does

Don’t hide your love.

Many Latin Americans grew up in a culture where it was not customary for fathers to show affection or participate in the upbringing of children, but rather to feel affection, acceptance, and security. “A father helps children develop good self-esteem.

Create an environment of love and respect.

In addition to loving your children and the time you spend with them, it is important for them to see that you respect their mother, whether you are together or not. This gives children the confidence and stability they need to develop.

Enter each opportunity.

Turn meals, housework, schoolwork, road trips, and any situation into another opportunity to share and teach your children’s values, such as: Service, teamwork, recycling, etc. Have fun!

Communicate positively.

Encourage your children to always do their best and demonstrate their skills and virtues. They need your appreciation and encouragement. Listen to your children; know their stories, interests and fears; Let them know they can trust you.

Read with your children.

Teach them to love reading from an early age. Reading is one of the best ways to help them lead a successful life. When they get to school, help them with their homework. Share with them the joy of knowing and learning all the time.

Discipline with love and patience.

Establish clear, fair, and reasonable rules. Remember that the goal for children is to develop good behavior and character. Do not let anger rule you. If necessary, take the time to reflect and discuss with your partner how best to help children understand and improve the lesson.

Teach them using an example.

Your actions speak louder than your words. Your children will mimic your behavior whether you like it or not. You agree with what you say and do. Show them honestly as people with strengths and weaknesses and you will see that they will also learn to trust you and always be honest.

Do not overprotect them.

Let them live. It is important for your children to know that your love for them is unconditional and that they can count on you in all circumstances, but they also need to understand that their actions have consequences and that their choices, good or bad, affect theirs. Fate.

Create, save and share reminders with them.

The times you live with your children today are your family history and they are passing so quickly. Don’t let them go away from you! Take the photo, record the video, write them a letter or card on those special occasions. Sharing these memories will help them remind them where they came from and guide them where they are going in life.

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