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10 Tips on How to Improve Your Book Sales

You can use various book marketing strategies to increase a book’s exposure and reach more readers. We compiled various book marketing ideas to inspire you and flow your creative juices. Some of these suggestions can aid in boosting book sales immediately. At the same time, others might aid in growing your platform. This could result in future book sales. Not all of these suggestions will always be appropriate, so before choosing where to focus your attention, we urge you to think about the potential effects of each. But we hope these suggestions will provide you with a tonne of flexibility as you create your marketing strategy.

Publishers, please make your authors aware of this useful resource. This can assist them in coming up with ideas for how to promote their own books in addition to your promotional campaigns if you’re working together on marketing initiatives.

1. Recognise that marketing never ends:

Realizing that the task is not finished just because you published is your best course of action.

You must lay the groundwork for future growth if you want to maintain consistent, ongoing book sales. This frequently entails consistent marketing to keep your book in the spotlight.

For instance, the more you promote your book, the more people will visit the page for it.

How can you market your book? The following are a few examples that can help you market your book.

A. Placement at Events: 

When organizing an event, never place the book in the BOR (Back of the Room) unless a volunteer is present. Keep it towards the front so that people will come to you because it tends to be more congested at the back. A slide could be used to allow folks at the back to see the cover. Place sticky notes next to the ideas you believe will most appeal to people. To improve your table’s aesthetics, stack them up as a centerpiece.

B. Enhance Media Coverage:

Consider choosing a charity that resonates with you and is involved in the neighborhood you’re aiming towards. Ask participants from the charity to join. Alternatively, look for a group that can support your message in another way.

C. Boost Sponsorship Possibilities 

It comes about as a result of cooperation or collaboration. Gaining more corporate sponsors is more likely if you have a strong network. You help the sponsor, and the sponsor helps you in this reciprocal connection. It’s a marketing partnership, not a gift, contribution, an act of generosity, or charitable endeavor. The ideal place to start with sponsorship is with someone you know who lives close to where you live because it is a mutually beneficial connection.

2. Increase your visibility by writing articles or starting a blog:

Share the ideas that inspired your work, share passages and phrases that will give readers a glimpse inside, and republish reader comments and reviews. These are all wonderful ideas for blogging to raise visibility for your book while whetting people’s appetites to buy it. Additionally, blogging improves your communication with readers. You can accomplish this using your own website, Medium, or LinkedIn.

3. Put Your Mailing List in There

Don’t forget to include links to their mailing list in all of your promotional materials. The single most crucial thing you can do for your book sales and yourself is this. Your lifeline to fresh book sales is your mailing list. The people who subscribe to your list are the most interested in what you have to say and the most likely to make purchases from your future initiatives. Ask readers to join your email list anytime you have the opportunity. Include a link in each blog post you produce as well as in your author website’s “About Me” section. Or Include it in the About the

Author section of your book’s back cover. Include it once more in the book’s back matter. Utilizing all the locations where your links could be placed will help to ensure that new, interested readers will find them.

4. Cross-promotion of the book:

You should also remember to provide a list of all your past publications and upcoming books in the back matter of your novels. Making a useful list will let readers know what is associated with you as an author and will keep brand-loyal customers informed. Keep in mind that this list will need to be updated anytime you release a new version. Additionally, don’t forget to make lists dedicated to each shop with the necessary links to purchase the books from that retailer where they appear.

5. Use cliffhangers

Including a sample of your book is a requirement for most online merchants. The greatest method to encourage potential readers to purchase is to make the most of this chance. Easy advice that produces quick results is to end an excerpt on a cliffhanger. There is nothing better than generating a growing list of queries that need to be resolved. You have a great possibility of making a sale on Amazon by allowing customers to download the first 10% of your narrative for free or to use the “Look Inside” option to preview.

6. Assemble a launch team

Most likely, you are familiar with launch teams, also known as street teams, and their significance. We probably spent the most time on this stretch of the course.

A few tips for hosting a launch team are as follows:

  • Refrain from having launch teams on Facebook unless you want your Amazon reviews taken down. Amazon buys data from Facebook. As a result, people who are in your shared groups will find it difficult to verify their Amazon ratings because they are marked as fraudulent. There is a lot more to it than just that, but again, we don’t have enough time to talk about it now. As a general rule, avoid joining Facebook groups with your launch team. Instead, consider using Slack or Discord to host your launch teams.
  • Aim for launch teams of no more than 30 individuals. You won’t gain the necessary traction if there are too few. If there are too many, your time will be wasted. Once more, this is only a generalization that varies depending on the circumstances.

7. Establish your brand.

How does your brand benefit other people? Your website, blog, and newsletter all need to focus on the reader in all of their content. However, it must also be in line with your brand.

Are you the kind of person who makes others laugh? Do you have the guts to stand out for people whose voices are silenced? Create a tagline for you and how you assist others based on your brand.

To help you figure things out, consider these queries:

  • In what area do you excel?
  • What distinguishes you?
  • What are you strongly passionate about?

8. Make a book cover.

Work with a cover artist. The design of your book cover can really impact your book sales. For instance, romance author R.L. Mathewson increased the number of copies she sold daily of her book Playing for Keeps from five or six to over one thousand by changing the cover art. To produce a polished cover that appeals to readers in your genre, it is typically worthwhile to hire a professional.

Have your audience test different cover versions. After having your cover designer generate several alternatives, use data to select your preferred cover design.

The cover should have a blurb. Consider putting a blurb from a well-known author on the book cover if you were successful in getting one. In order to make it simple to read and avoid clogging up the design, try to utilize a brief blurb.

9. Use your strengths:

You do not have to blog necessarily. You don’t even need social media accounts if you know nothing about it. However, if you have the skills to blog or post content daily on social media, then go for it! However, they can be a huge time waste, so avoid doing them if you don’t like them.

Instead, concentrate on your areas of strength. This also applies to all of the concepts and methods I learned in this course. I am not able to complete everything. But I can choose the ones that will best showcase my strengths.

While not everyone is a natural public speaker, it is strongly recommended that most authors participate in some public events. It’s a very fantastic method to interact with readers in person and create relationships that last a lifetime. And even though the writer’s writing is impeccable, they still should hire book editing services for ultimate results.

10.  Work along with other writers

Work with other authors by getting input from readers. Collaboration is effective. Get comments on your back cover copy, participate in newsletter swaps, cover reveals, author panels, and more! If you find other writers and help them, then someday you will get the reward for it by them helping you!


Selling books is not a joke. You need to book to stand out the most with so much competition. For that, you need strong marketing. However, even with that, sometimes the authors see that their book sales are not what they expected. So, what do they do now instead of asking around or searching on the web? Well, if you are a writer, then we hope our guide helped you figure out what you were doing wrong that affected your book sales. With these tips in mind, you will never see a declining number in your book profit.

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