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10 Thoughtful Tips for Perfect Dog-Friendly Trip

Many people prefer to travel with their dogs as dogs are also part of the family. They are like our kids and I personally love to travel with my dog. The excitement and happiness you can see on their faces when you just take them to the nearest park. So just imagine how happy they would feel to go on a dog-friendly trip.


Create some beautiful memories with your best friend and consider all the tips for the safety of your dog.


  • Take Your Dog To The Veterinarian


Take your dog to your vet and check if all the vaccinations are complete and if any more vaccinations are required or not. Also, check if all the medications to prevent fleas, heartworm, and ticks are up to date. If he/she is not completely vaccinated and have any medical issue then you should him/her to the vet before 1 month so that you have enough time for the treatment.


You may either write your number on his/her collar or get them microchipped so that you can easily find them in case they get lost.


Moreover, in case you will be staying in a hotel room then keep a copy of the records of your dog as some hotels may ask for it.


  • Plan Your Trip


Plan your trip properly considering your and your dog’s comfort. Take a break in between so look at the locations where you can take breaks of 15 minutes so that you can walk your dog as well.


To save yourself from the inconvenience after reaching the hotel for the check-in, read the policies of the hotel before booking one as many hotels do not allow pets. If you are planning to stay at your friend’s home, with relatives, or planning to camp then there’s not a problem unless any friend or family is allergic to a dog.

Some parks and attractions of the places also restrict bringing your dog so you might want to find a dog sitter if you want to visit these places or avoid going there with your dog.


  • Pack All The Things Essential For The Trip


You may want to create a list of the things you should bring on the trip to make yourself and your dog feel comfortable during this journey. You already know what all things you need to carry for yourself. You should pack the below-mentioned things for your dog:


  • A water bottle that is spill-proof
  • Your dog’s favorite toy
  • Some of their treats
  • Dog collar
  • Leash
  • ID tags
  • Prescribe medications
  • Pet strain
  • Pet wipes
  • Poop bags
  • Vaccination records
  • Vet’s contact details
  • Paper towels
  • Flea brush 
  • Flea and tick removing products
  • Pet first aid kit


You should carry all the required tactical gear for your and your pet’s safety while you are on the road.


  • Make Them Tired Prior To The Trip


Take your dog to a dog park play fetch with him/her and try to make them tired. The next day before the trip, take them for a walk make them tired so that they can relax throughout the journey.


Give them light food for few hours and keep them hydrated.


  • Consider Your Dog’s Safety On The Journey


Taking your dog for a road trip will be a lot safer if you can hold them in a seat belt, harness, or carrier. Make your dog’s seat comfortable with their blanket, favorite toy, etc. Placing some of the familiar things will make them sit in one spot.


Plan your journey ahead as you might want to take your dog for walks in between. Some dogs tend to get anxious during the long journey in the car. So you need to stop your car from time to time, take them for a walk and play a little with them.


Going on a trip on an unfamiliar road alone with your dog can sometimes be dangerous. So you should carry some safety accessories such as many people carry Guntec accessories.


  • Dog-Friendly Routine


If you have planned a trip with your dog because you wanted to spend time with your dog. So plan dog-friendly activities. Many restaurants, attractions, hotels, parks, etc does not allow pets. So plan the activities accordingly so that you can have fun with your dog.

Eat at a dog-friendly restaurant, go to dog-friendly parks, can go hiking or camping, etc. There are many dog-friendly activities you can do with your dog and enjoy.


  • Teach Your Dogs Basic Commands


You should teach your dog the basic commands otherwise it can be really dangerous for your dogs. Some people are also scared of dogs so they might not understand that your dog wants to play. 


You should teach them to sit, stand, come, and be quiet. Teach them the basic settle commands.


  • Pack Required Amount Of Food


You might not find the required food and necessary items in the grocery store on the way. So you should pack the required snacks and food for yourself and for your dog. Carry a container of water so that you can fill the water in the bottle whenever required.


Do not pack your dog’s food and water bowl deep inside the bag. Pack it on the top so that it’s easily accessible. You can take it out and feed your dog conveniently.


  • Practice


If you have not taken your dog for a ride before then your should practice in your town and if you have taken them to nearby places then you should try taking them for a long drive to see how they feel sitting in the car for a long time.


Some dogs get restless or way too excited while sitting in the car. Taking them for the drives for few days before the trip will prepare them for the final day.


  • Check The Weather Report


You should always check the weather report before traveling anywhere with or without your pet. Avoid going on a road trip with your pet on a rainy day as many dogs are scared of thunderstorms and they won’t be able to take breaks in the rain.


Furthermore, it’s also risky to drive on a rainy day. In case the weather is going to be cold then pack extra clothes for your dog.

Make your dog’s first trip a success. Even after so much planning and packing it’s not relevant that everything will go according to your plan. You shouldn’t worry if something’s not going according to the plan. Sometimes the unexpected can be really fun and full of surprises.


So you must be ready for the surprises and nothing should ruin your trip. The beauty of the place or the surroundings doesn’t matter to your pet. They just want love and care. So spending time with you and getting the love they need will be the best trip for them.


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