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Travel and Leisure

10 Things to Consider Before Traveling Abroad

You are all set and ready to go on your dream vacation but wait, have you covered all your bases?

Are your finances in order? 

What’s the status of your timeshare? Did you opt for timeshare cancellation a few years back?

Have you packed appropriately? 

Have you got the documents with you before leaving for the airport? 

For all of these questions, it is recommended to invest some time making sure that everything is set before you leave for your trip. 

If you are planning to go abroad for vacation, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Follow the checklist below and ensure that you have a carefree visit there.

1-  Make Sure You Have Got Your Passport and Visa

You can’t go anywhere if you haven’t got your passport and a visa for any international travel. You have got to check the expiration date as it can matter a lot. 

Many countries require you to have at least 6 months’ time on your passport when you take upon the visa. 

The State Department recommends renewing your passport before 9 nine months of its expiry date.

It takes a few weeks to get the visa and all the processes related to it, so make sure you plan ahead if you are not a frequent traveler.

If you are traveling through a car or any other transportation mode, make sure that is also a licensed vehicle.

2-  Consider Medical Tests and Travel Advisories

 Different countries require different vaccines or medical tests that may pose threat to other people. 

Some countries have travel warnings or travel alerts that indicate that these countries are not for everyone. 

You will be made aware of the situation there then, it is up to you. So, always check for health advisories and travel warnings before traveling to any country for your own safety. 

Some of the diseases you get when you are abroad are not even covered by travel insurance policies. 

Lately, Covid-19 has been making waves across the globe and requires every traveler to be checked and then get on board.

3-  Register Your Trip to Remote Areas

If you are a journalist, a reporter, or visiting with a team of doctors in a remote area such as refugee camps, warzones, or in between the borders, you should get yourself registered. 

It is wise and safe in so many aspects. In case of emergency, the country will know where you are and will be able to rescue you. 

You should also let your family know where you are. In the case of missing, your family can get in touch with the authorities to bring you back.

4-  Stock Up Your Medicines and Get Vaccinated

It is advised for people to stock-up the medicines that they take before leaving their home country.

 If you are going abroad, ask your doctor to write you a prescription for the time you will spend abroad.

This is important because you don’t want to run out of your medicine in a foreign country and even if you do, there is no guarantee that you will get the exact same medicine there.  Some prescriptions may not be allowed there due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the same way, you need to get special vaccines as a precaution against viral diseases based on your destination.

5-  Manage Your Finances

It would be wise to call the bank or your credit card provider and let them know that you will be in a foreign country and you might need foreign currency. 

This is safe because if your bank sees the foreign charges, they might assume that your card is stolen and freeze your cards. 

Also, make sure you have enough money to roam around in a foreign country. Traveler’s check doesn’t work universally anymore so instead of checks, use an ATM to withdraw cash in foreign currency. 

You should also be aware of the exchange rates and how things are going to cost there. Otherwise, it won’t bode well for you there.

6-  Buy Travel Insurance

You must have been covered with health insurance if you are a taxpayer and have a job in your country. But if there is a risk of illness while traveling abroad, you should get travel insurance.

7-  Understand Custom and Import Restrictions

 Countries have different policies for bringing things in and out of the country. 

You should be aware of these rules before going through the customs. If you have been found with something illegal, there will be severe consequences.

Items will be confiscated, and you may end up in prison for violating the law. Make sure you read the list. 

You can’t even weigh more than the standard weight limit with your luggage. You will have to pay extra for the extra weight in your luggage. These rules are set by the airline companies.

8-  Pack Appropriately

Whether you are going for summer vacations or winter vacations, make sure to pack appropriately. Some countries have modest dress code while some don’t, be sure to follow the local culture with appropriate dressing.

9-  Get Travel Adapters for Your Electronic Devices

A lot of people travel with their laptops, cameras, trimmer, electric toothbrush, and a bunch of other stuff. Get a travel adapter for all of your electronic devices so that you won’t have a problem to plug them into a foreign country.

10- Learn a Few Words in the Local Language

Learn a few words in the local language when you are going to a foreign land. The most common words could be Hello, Thank you, and where is the bathroom? This can help you get to understand there while talking to people. You could also download an app to translate words quickly.

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