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10 HR Software for HR Managers in 2022

With the right technology, HR systems can be run like clockwork, from the hiring process to the employee onboarding and scheduling to compliance, benefits and other matters. It’s all too complicated and unnecessary work for everyone working in the software industry.

If an employee needs information about vacation days, employee benefits, or a stub of a paycheck from their records.

It all boils down to the Automation feature of human resources management systems. This competitive advantage makes workforce management relatively simple by being present in a core HR Software platform that assists a wide variety of manual tasks, administrative tasks and daily HR tasks such as document management.

What’s an HR Management Software?

Human Resource Software, also known as Human Resources Management System (HRMS), or Human Resources Information System, is a digital solution that combines multiple systems and processes to manage daily HR tasks and achieve overall HR goals.

Types Of HR Software

Many types of HR software available can help organizations achieve different goals. Below are some of the key features for each type:

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

An ATS is software that streamlines the hiring process. It manages tasks like storing job applicants’ data, posting job opportunities to multiple job boards and screening potential matches for positions.

Performance management

This platform allows HR professionals, managers and employees to assess employee skills, set performance targets, track employee improvements, and encourage employee training.


An online onboarding program streamlines and tracks the process of adding new employees to an organization. It usually includes electronic signatures, employee questionnaires, training tracking, and other automated functions to ensure that the HR team provides an efficient onboarding experience for new employees.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

An HRIS can perform multiple HR functions, such as tracking and recruiting applicants, managing benefits and payroll, storing employee data, and maintaining regulatory and legal requirements.

An HRIS could be a single program you can integrate with other HR applications or the central database of an all-in-one software system.

Employee Engagement:

An online platform that promotes employee and team engagement. Feedback, coaching, analytics and daily work priorities are all key components of employee engagement.

Major Human Resource Management Software Features

One thing is clear: there is no universal HR software. Different businesses and industries face different challenges regarding their HR departments.

Some companies need something stable and reliable for their payroll and benefits. Others want a system that can recruit, track, onboard, and train thousands of new employees every month.

You should expect certain core features from an ideal HR system. This will help you choose the right software for your company. Consider your company’s needs and evaluate what HR software you require. Larger businesses may prefer an online system for their HR, while smaller businesses might not.

These main features will help you find the best HR software to improve your workflow.

Payroll and Benefits Administration

Many HR software solutions offer benefits and payroll. These allow you to manage your payroll through the platform.

Noting that payroll and HR are often interrelated, many HR managers seek an all-in-one solution that incorporates both.

We recommend that you look for HR software that integrates with your existing payroll system if you have one that you like. Accessing all information from one platform would make it easier for employees and the HR team.


Automating repetitive tasks in HR software is one of the greatest benefits. This can help increase efficiency.

Software that automates manual labour is a good option. Some HR tools, for example, automate taxes and time-off tracking. In the long-term, you will save lots of time and money.

Company Size (Small/Medium/Entrepreneur)

Consider the size of your company to help you choose the right HR software.

Based on employees and company sizes, HR needs to change. A small business with 15 employees may not have the same HR needs as an enterprise with 2,000 employees.

Larger companies may require more features from their HR software because they have more complex HR requirements. Small businesses may not need all the features of some of the more complex HR software.

Don’t forget that many platforms have a monthly charge per employee.

Mobile Access

This one is simple: Best HR Software has a mobile app. The employee can use this app to access the self-service tools that we mentioned earlier. It can also be useful for the administrative side.

Some responsibilities are no longer tied to an office with a mobile app for HR software. HR managers can access, track, monitor, and complete tasks remotely.


The must-have portal for employee self-service is essential.  Staff can access important information from the site without needing to call, email or text the HR department. The employee and administrative sides will save a lot of time with this tool.

Finally, ensure that the HR software you select is compatible with your goals and addresses your challenges.

Let’s now look at the top HR software for you, one by one.

Top 10 HR Software for HR Managers

1.     UBS HRMS- best Indian HR Software

Boost productivity, streamline operations and maximize your potential with UBS — a complete ecosystem of tools to help you run your business without being overwhelmed. You get to monitor and organize your tasks, invoices, clients, employees, job applicants efficiently.

2.     monday.com – all-in-one HR software

Monday.com allows HR managers to create custom solutions for their teams’ needs. Human resource managers highly regard this software because of its clean interface, easy system and engaging core functions.

3. Freshteam by Freshworks – Competent HR Software Solution

Freshteam is a smart, all-in-one HR software from Freshworks.

Freshteam allows you to ensure that your HR efforts comply with the 2022 standards. This includes hiring, onboarding, time tracking, employee information, and the day-to-day workflows for the HR department.

4. Retable – The Best Way to Boost Employee Performance

Retable can be used to save not only HR departments but all departments from inefficient workloads. You can manage your internal and external HR processes from one platform. It also includes HR-specific spreadsheet templates.

Retable is a smart, easy-to-use spreadsheet that integrates customizable forms and spreadsheets. This makes it possible to organize and manage your data and save time on tedious and complicated spreadsheets.

5. QuickBooks Time – The Best Time Tracking Software for Employees

QuickBooks Time can be used for employee scheduling and time tracking. You can access the self-service portal or manage your payroll.

QuickBooks allows employees to track their time anywhere in the world and can do so in real time. It also offers HR software, so employees can track time on their smartphones and tablets.

QuickBooks allows employees to clock in themselves. The self-service feature is a must-have feature for any HR management software.

6. ADP Workforce Now – Best for Optimizing Daily Human Resources Tasks

ADP Workforce provides various human resource management solutions, including payroll, benefits and talent management, compliance, analysis, benchmarking, and time management.

The APIs and ADP Marketplace allow this HR platform to integrate with other business applications and HR software.

7. Gusto – Best HR Software for Small Businesses

Gusto, an online HR software, helps small businesses manage their HR workflows. It provides the core HR functions necessary to ensure employee satisfaction on a small scale. This software is easy to use and meets all the requirements of small businesses.

8. Paycor – The Best Payroll Company

Paycor is a complete HR and payroll solution. It allows you to import hours and see cash requirements before you submit the payroll. It provides all the benefits of a digital solution but focuses more on human resources such as talent management, employee experience and benefits administration.

9. BambooHR – The Best HRIS Software For Small and Medium Businesses

BambooHR is another popular HR SaaS program. This is a great option for small to mid-sized businesses with up to 1000 employees.

BambooHR is a cloud-based platform and offers many features, such as integrated payroll, applicant track system (ATS), electronic signings, time tracking, and time off tracking.

10. Namely – The Best for Employee Self-Service

It is a web-based human resource management system. It offers all the basic features of human resources information systems but also some unique features that are well worth mentioning. This HR platform allows businesses to improve their HR processes while remaining compliant.

Namely is trusted and used by more than 1,400 organizations. It seamlessly provides:

You can manage all of your HR policies and procedures from one platform.


High-performing HR teams need the best HR software to remain competitive.

These 10 HR software features can be used to enhance your experience as a manager and your employees’ experience.

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