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10 Brilliant Book Reads for Personal Development

Our decisions are often influenced by the aspect we hold of our lives. Take finding Homework Helper help, for instance. To find the perfect expert for assistance, we go through a wide range of data. To learn about the service provider. As we are somewhat investing in our future.

Apart from reading about products, one must invest time reading quality books to bring a potentially positive change in themselves.

But then, many may feel, “who has the time for that?”

The role of reading books in helping you become a better reader and wiser version of yourself cannot be overlooked.

Sure, most students are encouraged to read classic literary writers like Shakespeare, Marlow, and other authors – and that’s not wrong! You need to complete the generic reading list to boost your knowledge of literature, culture, and different genres.

However, you cannot overlook the importance of reading for personal development. Such books are equally crucial to reading other genre books for the overall development of your brain.

This article will give you the synopsis of ten such self-development books to help you become a better version of yourself.

Even if you read one book from the list and implement the recommendations. You’ll certainly be a gainer for the rest of your life.

10 Brilliant Book Reads for Personal Development:

  1. Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold

Do you constantly promise to complete their assignments on time, to delay them until the night before the deadline? Did you try to analyse why you failed to fulfil your resolution?

Caroline Arnold helps you discover why most people fail to keep their resolutions in her book, Small Move, Big Change. Through her book, she suggests readers make small behavioural changes in their regular activities. So that the reader can experience lasting changes in their lives.

Reading the book will also help you identify the cues and habits that should be changed to achieve the long-term goal.

  1. Mastery by Robert Greene

People from around the globe facing similar problems are forced to conform to the generic societal rules if they wish to succeed.

But in Mastery, the author suggests that people need to identify their uniqueness, learn the generic “success rules,”. And then change them completely to become experts in something they are passionate about.

The book is well-researched and a step-by-step guide with ample real-life examples from various great personalities. It is undoubtedly a powerful read for those looking for a guide to starting living on their terms.

  1. The 4-Hour Workweek Book by Timothy Ferriss

The 4-Hour Workweek is a must-read for those who wish to be successful entrepreneurs. Or boost their productivity in fewer hours. Even though the book is often criticised, it is a favourite among people. Those who don’t wish to get tied up in the 9-5 job loop and live life after retirement.

The author further shares some practical ways to reduce work and earn more. He also shares stories from his personal experience about making $40,000 a month from $40,000 a year by following a 4-hour workweek plan.

  1. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

As insensitive as it may sound, what you would talk about if you knew you were diagnosed with a terminal disease. You would not want to answer that question unless you are Professor Randy Pausch.

The Last Lecture is primarily based on his iconic lecture that encourages people to achieve their childhood dreams. The book suggests readers think back to their unfulfilled childhood dreams and pursue them without limiting themselves to societal constraints.

In addition, readers get a glimpse at Pausch’s childhood which he reminisces and wishes to pass on to his family.

  1. The Happiness Project Book by Gretchen Rubin

When asked what the most crucial thing in life is, near 58% of people chose happiness. Being happy is the ultimate milestone that most people, parents, and young adults what to achieve in this selfish world. So then, how to attain something that has become a rare thing in this digitally advanced world?

After realising that she is far from being content with life, Gretchen Rubin decided to take the matter into her own hands and research “happiness.” For her “happiness project,” she focused on different aspects of life and analysed her behaviours and habits that made her genuinely happy.

Yes, the “happiness project” is subjective and likely to be different, but you can treat Rubin’s like a blueprint to create your own “happiness project.” In short, the book is an ideal read for those looking to understand the ways of gaining happiness and improving their lives accordingly.

  1. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Readers who are familiar with self-improvement books can easily recognize Jack Canfield. He is the famous creator of the popular motivational series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” to inspire people and transform their lives.

In Success Principles, the author gives readers 65 proven ways of improving life for the better. The book is the best pick for readers looking for many ideas in a single book.

But unfortunately, some of the ideas are frowned upon by hard-core personal development book readers. Many have found the ideas repetitive or just rehashed versions of existing ones.

As a reader, I may have found some of the ideas repetitive, but that’s because they work! Hence, if you want to unlock the secret mantra to success, you can practice the ideas mentioned in the book to achieve the success you truly desire.

  1. Think and Grow Rich Book by Napoleon Hill

It is an all-time classic and a favourite among all die-hard personal development enthusiasts. Although the book is from the 80s, the success principles of men like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Thomas Edison are still valid in an era of cutthroat competition.

Of course, a few ideas don’t “quite” go with the current scenario. Even so, that doesn’t mean you cannot tweak the principles to your benefit – no wonder over the eighty years, countless young entrepreneurs and individuals have read the book for personal development and success.

In short, you cannot just toss the book that has been around for eighty years. Instead, give it a read and gear up to attain success.

  1. Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success by John C. Maxwell

No one wants to be a loser. Do you want to be a loser? I believe, no! And it’s not just you. All of us are taught early on not to fail or become a loser, which leads to undue pressure and anxiety in the longer run. But honestly, can we avoid failures?

The truth is no! Everyone has faced failure at some point in their lives, leaving them feeling like it’s the end. However, you need to understand that it’s not about failing but learning to deal with your failures. For instance, John C. Maxwell suggests that when great achievers fail in life, they treat it as a momentary thing, not a lifelong epidemic.

90% of the successful people have failed time and again. Yet, the only thing that made them great was their ability to own up to their failures and do something to rectify them. Whether it’s your life, work, or relationships, this book will help you gain insight into your failures, evaluate them, and learn from them.

  1. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

The #1 national bestseller Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is highly recommended for students of both genders. The writer shares several of her own life experiences and that of other women of her acquaintance in top corporate positions who chose to fight and claim their places at the top.

Instead of mocking the current work affairs and hierarchy system, Sandberg advised how women can break the stereotypical and unrealistic concept of “women can’t have it all” just because she decided to marry and have a family while doing their regular jobs.

As a result, all readers will gather invaluable life lessons regarding leadership and success to shape their future careers by the end of the read.

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  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

In today’s world, communication is a must-have skill. So knowing the art of striking exciting conversations, making friends and influencing people can be one of the biggest lessons you can learn.

Don’t worry if you lack these skills, as this classic self-help book will help you understand the ways of making friends, becoming a better speaker, and persuading people to adapt to your way of thinking.

Reading the book will give you a better idea of the best way to connect with the outside world and win hearts easily and quickly.

Thus, if you are someone looking to become a better speaker, increase popularity, and boost self-confidence, reading this book will be beneficial.

You will get many practical advice and techniques to overcome mental blockage and make your daily life more rewarding.


Reading is an essential habit for students to inculcate for overall development. Therefore, develop a habit of reading more self-help books with your regular textbooks to learn about life and pave the path to advance your career. Good luck!

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Ethan Taylor has an MBA in marketing and is associated with an MNC in Australia as a marketing specialist and Best Paraphrasing Tool expert. Being an avid reader, he loves to read best selling personal help books from different writers.

In addition, Ethan is also associated with as a subject matter expert, a popular platform for urgent assignment and dissertation help.

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